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Technology Connected Behavior Coaching

Built for coaches, and designed in partnership with an MD and leading researcher in health lifestyle coaching, Health Mentor is here to allow trainers, health coaches, and dietitians to deliver the most effective components of successful behavior change programs to their clients.

Set goals for nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

Create personalized behavior goals and allow your clients to self-monitor behaviors through any calorie tracker, sleep device, connected fitness equipment or app that syncs with Google Fit or Apple Health.

Monitor compliance via progress dashboard then reinforce habits via private messenger.

Coaches can efficiently monitor diet, sleep, and exercise for every client from a single dashboard. They can message clients with a single tap to reinforce healthy habits and send evidence based lessons as easily as sending an emoji.  

Coach behavior with evidence based lessons from integrated content library.

The coaching interface comes with a content library preloaded with evidence based lessons on nutrition, exercise, health, and behavior change. These cover core topics featured in the National Diabetes Prevention Program curricula, but are condensed to be engaging like social media. 

To maximize flexibility, coaches can easily create their own lessons by uploading images or can link to videos, podcasts and other resources on the web.

Connecting to external apps is simple.
Every data source connects the same way.

Don’t compete against these technologies,
make them work for you.

Over $1 billion has been invested into wearable and health app startups in the US since March 2020.

Peloton is now worth more than
the entire US fitness industry in 2019.

Health and fitness app use grew by 50% in the first half of 2020. There are now 1.5 billion users of these apps worldwide.


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Apply the core features of research proven behavioral interventions to help your clients build healthy habits for life. 

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