Our Features

Personalized Goals

Each client can set their own health goals and monitor progress on connected devices like smart scales.

Private Client Messaging

Private client messaging keeps all of the communication between client and coach in one place. By making communication highly efficient for the coach, we enable a higher level of support for clients.

Behavior Coaching Plans & Lessons

Each client gets a personalized behavior coaching plan along with lessons to help improve habits and sustain healthy changes long-term.

Diet and Macro Targets

Nutrition clients use leading food trackers like MyFitnessPal and Lose It! log meals and track against personalized daily targets. Data is synced to coaches who provide ongoing support and encouragement.

Monitor Sleep

Use a variety of sleep trackers to monitor sleep. View this side by side with nutrition and exercise to understand how rest may affect appetite and workout recovery.

Exercise & Movement Targets

Exercise clients receive calorie burn and/or step targets to help them get more active. They can track these behaviors through hundreds of wearables, apps and pieces of connected fitness equipment.

Track Workout Details

Clients can share workout details from strength training, functional fitness, yoga and other workout types.

Sync Data from Nearly Any App or Connected fitness Device

Health Mentor syncs data through Google Fit and Apple Health so any app that exports data to these sources can be synced with Health Mentor.

Client Dashboard Prioritized By Behavior Trends

We help clients get more support by making coaches efficient. Coaches can quickly review behavior trends for all their clients on one page, and quickly check in with people who need extra help.

Accept Automated Payments

Eliminate the hassle of billing through automated credit card based payments.

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Apply the core features of research-proven behavioral interventions to start building healthy habits today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaches can monitor behavior data for the three pillars of health: diet, exercise and sleep. For diet, coaches can see calories and macronutrients eaten along with 1 tap access to daily food logs in MyFitnessPal. For sleep, they can see hours slept each night (tracked manually or through a variety of sleep trackers). For exercise, they can see calories burned and steps tracked through hundreds of devices and apps. Clients can also manually enter workout details for strength, functional training, yoga, and other types of exercise. Coaches can also track health goal progress like weight and body fat through connected scales. 

Because Health Mentor shares data through Google Fit and Apple Health, it does not require separate APIs (Application Programmer Interface… basically data connections) to each app. This means it doesn’t matter whether your client wants to track their calories on MyFitnessPal or Lose It!, you can see this data in Health Mentor. Any equipment that tracks steps, calories burned, or sleep and shares this data with Google Fit and Apple Health can be used with Health Mentor.

Our app helps coaches understand a client’s overall lifestyle in more detail than ever before through connected technology and efficiently teach habits and skills to improve health. Coaches can save and share text and video-based workouts in our content library. If they need advanced features like automatically personalizing weight, reps and sets for each exercise in a strength training program, they will likely want to use other tools to do that. Such coaches may still want to use Health Mentor along with their current programming tools to understand lifestyle factors that affect training results.

Sleep is increasingly seen as one of the three pillars of health by both the scientific and fitness community. Two-thirds of all adults do not get enough sleep. There are numerous links between lack of sleep and long-term health consequences like diabetes and alzheimers, but sleep is critical for even short-term health goals like losing weight. Research has shown that lack of sleep increases appetite (causing people to consume 200 – 300 / day more when sleep deprived), reduces the capacity to exercise, and it primes the metabolism to resist burning body fat for energy. For more information see this video from Matthew Walker, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California.

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