Today's world makes it hard to be healthy.
Our coaches make it easier.

It's not you. It's your environment.

With the Health Mentor app, you’ll have a coach who has your back. Your coach will help you reach your health goals and build skills that make your new healthy lifestyle sustainable and enjoyable.

Have you struggled with hunger and food cravings? Ultra-processed foods now make up 60% of the typical American diet. These foods are less filling and trigger overeating.

A widely cited study showed that people ate 500 calories more daily on an ultra-processed diet than an unprocessed diet.

Flexible nutrition coaching focused on whole foods to keep you feeling nourished, full, and satisfied.

Have you struggled with time and energy for exercise? Sedentary work and addictive screen-based entertainment reduce energy and free time.

You are not alone. On average, people are moving 30% less each day than they did in 1965.

Work with your coach to find exercise that’s enjoyable, sustainable, and leaves you feeling energized.

Have you struggled with sleep? Constant connection, and too much artificial light, caffeine and alcohol have made this a problem for many people.

On average, people are sleeping 2 hours less per night than they did in 1910.

Sleep education to help you understand what you need to feel rested and ready for the day.

Have you struggled with motivation? We are bombarded with unrealistic expectations about quick success and how think we should look.

Reducing social media has been shown to improve body image. This has been tied to healthier behavior in multiple studies.

Coaching to set achievable goals and lessons to reframe thinking so you feel empowered and motivated.

How to enjoy the holidays without gaining weight.

Tips from dietitians and over 100 studies.

Studies show our coaching approach is twice as effective as doing it on your own.