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  • Get nutrition targets from a dietitian.
  • Continue for the price of one lunch out per week.
  • Pay one week at a time.
  • Cancel any time.

Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching: $39 / week

1 coaching call (intake, 30 minutes)

Detailed lifestyle assessment

Personalized goals, nutrition, sleep, and activity targets

Personalized behavior change lessons

Weekly online coaching check-ins

Promotion: 2 week free trial (automatic at checkout)

Two Coaching Calls Per Month: $19.50 / week

30 minute coaching call every other week.

Add additional coaching calls to your package

Meet via phone or video call

Promotion: 2 week free trial (automatic at checkout)

What's Next After Purchase:

1. Complete onboarding form.

This is different from a form you may have filled out prior to an informational meeting.

The onboarding form is required for all new Health Mentor clients. It is used to personalize your program and will be what you talk about in your intake meeting.

2. Download the Health Mentor app for your phone type.

3. Set up nutrition and health data syncing for your phone type.